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Little Moments

Family – today’s little moments, become tomorrows precious memories!
– Anonymous

This could not be more true! This post does not have much to do with anything, except the realization that even the simplest and littlest things can be the most rewarding. Today we headed out for dinner and fun at the Children’s Festival in town; little did we think to check the times of the event and when we arrived shortly after 5pm it was all closed up. Back we headed to the car but with a toddler who loves to explore, we ended up with many detours along the way and ended up walking downtown and along the river. It was not the evening we had planned at all, but turned out to be a wonderful evening and found a delicious restaurant for a great dinner and dessert to top it off.

Sometimes we get going in these busy lives we live and let the little moments slip by. It’s when we sit back and soak it in that we remember these little moments are some of the best moments. ❤


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