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{DIY} Confetti Gender Reveal Poppers

As May wraps up (or more so flew by!) we kept busy between life, work, a third birthday, and lots of travelling for the hubby! And in between the gaps a few fun projects, such as this gender reveal party package…

{Gender Reveal}

This one was fun; between decorating the box and testing out the confetti push pops! These were a first for me, so below is a little “how to” on how we got them to work (kind of a mix between all the tutorial out there online!). The Team Pink and Team Blue cup labels are a great idea for partygoers to choose there “side”!

Now for the fun part… confetti gender reveal DIY steps for you!

Confetti Gender Reveal “Poppers”

What You Need: Cake Push Pop Containers, Mixed Confetti (we found a mix of different kinds and textures worked best), Tissue Paper, Craft Paper & Tape

How To: It was actually quite simple… (1) Fill the Push Pop Container with Confetti (pack it well). (2) Cut Square of Tissue Paper and Tape Over Top (if your tissue paper is too thin and can see the confetti colour through put a layer of white confetti on top!). (3) Wrap with Craft Paper so you can’t see the contents! I printed the paper and cut to size first and then stuck on with double sided tape!

Tips: Have someone hold the container while filling with confetti and taping cover on; I learned this after knocking it over (twice) haha!

That’s all there was to it; just push hard when setting off for best results! We had fun testing a few to make sure they were working!


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