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RAWR.. A Dinosaur Third Birthday!

It was a very Happy Birthday to Miss Lillian last month… and how did she chose to celebrate it? With a Dinosaur themed birthday party at the Jurassic Forest Park!

The Decorations were too cute and too fun to make… most being hand stamped and many completed with assistance from my handy little assistance (aka the birthday girl)… We may have had glitter on the kitchen table for days, but she took the task upon her self of individually glittering every dino spike on every invite! Looking forward to adding the new “Dinosaur” Party package to themed collections available!

Food wise… we kept this part simple (let’s be honest I am more of a crafter then a chef!), but we kept with “picnic” themed party foods. The Taco’s in a Bag had to be the biggest hit, and then some simple sandwiches, fruits and veggies! Sweets wise… again kept it to the basics cupcakes, pudding cups (aka. dinos n’ dirt), and of coarse a dinosaur birthday cake!

Between exploring the Dinosaurs at the Park, the huge sandbox playground, face painting, and piñata…. I would say the birthday was a great success and had one very happy (and tired out) birthday girl!

Kids Party Tip: Use Brown Paper as Table Cover and set out some Crayons on the Tables! Kids (and adults) love to colour, easy clean up, and cheap! Bonus – Stencil a few images to match your party theme to make one giant colouring page for all!

CREDITS TO....Erica @ The Cupcake Machine for the amazing 
(and delicious!) cupcakes and awesome dinosaur shaped cake! 
& Jurassic Forest for the great party venue <-- seriously, 
looking for a great party site in the Edmonton area or even 
just a awesome family day trip?! Check them out!

2 thoughts on “RAWR.. A Dinosaur Third Birthday!”

  1. So cute! I love the frames with the signs inside. I did a dinosaur party for my youngest son’s 2nd birthday, it was so much fun to organise and I will blog about it soon. Thanks for sharing!


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