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{DIY} No-Sew Tulle Tutu

What a fun afternoon project and a little sneak-peak for you as to Miss L’s Halloween costume! I have seen so much about these no-sew tulle tutu’s and I have to admit I was sold at the part of “no sew”, as much as I craft, sewing is just one thing I avoid like the plague!

Check out this link for the full DIY tutorial I found on Pinterest and used. Below is a list of the materials I used and a few of my modifications/”tips”, as I’m really all about making things as easy as possible!

My Materials:

Tulle, Ribbon, Scissors and Piece of Cardboard (about 8 – 10″ long)

DIY Tulle Tutu

My Tips:

  1. TULLE TIP#1: At first I went to fabric land, but all the tulle was on large bolts so we checked out Micheals. There we found rolls about 6″ wide of 10 – 20 yards of tulle which worked perfect as we only had to cut once for each piece.
  2. TULLE TIP#2: for my toddler tutu I used two full rolls of blue tulle (20yards each roll) and two full rolls of red glitter tulle (10yard each roll)
  3. RIBBON TIP: I thought about using elastic but then saw ribbon used on a few other ones  so we opted for that. For the length I just measured toddler’s waist and added 6″ on each end for the tie. (Better to make longer then needed, as you can always cut shorter!). This worked great and then we just tied in bow!
  4. TULLE TIEING TIP: I tied all of the tulle in bundles of three (two pieces of blue and one piece of red) and then once all the red was gone I used the remaining blue in bundles of two and tied over exisiting to add some extra “poofy-ness”.

Overall it took about an hour of time for the cutting and tieing …. and the little one has already enjoyed well over an hour of running and twirling in the new accessory!DIY No-Sew Toddler TutuDIY Toddler Blue & Red Tulle Tutu


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