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{DIY} Baby HULK Costume

Here find my attempt at a DIY Infant HULK Costume, and it looked pretty damn cute (or at least I thought so!)….


  • Green long-sleeved onesie (shirt would suffice as well)
  • Green pants/leggings
  • Purple pants/leggings
  • White T-Shirt (optional – I have seen many do without the shirt and just have the green upper body <- that was our back-up plan)

I found most of the clothing articles on sales racks and waited for some coupons – ’cause really who wants to spend a fortune on baby clothes that you are just going to cut and rip? The green onesie I found actually was for a little girl and said princess on the front and the leggings had glitter polka-dots, but turning both the items inside out fixed that!

BONUS: all those layers will help keep those littles warm!


Now this was fairly simple… a little lining up and then cutting and ripping! I started by laying everything out to see how it all would fit together and from there cut the white shirt sleeves and the purple pant legs to a length I liked. From here I took the shirt and made a few small cuts around the end of the sleeve and then ripped upwards, sideways and every which way from the cuts. I repeated the same with the bottom of the pant legs. Once this was done, I layered everything back up over top of each other to agin see how it all sits, made a few more rips here and there and then started on the body. For the body I cut a small hole, just enough to get a rip started, on a few places across the body of the shirt and ripped outwards from the whole (so now you can see the green under shirt through) and again repeated the same for the pant legs…. and voila! you have a HULK costume!

Infant Hulk Halloween Costume DIY
Baby Hulk

Did you make a ‘DIY’ costume for your littles (or yourself) for Halloween? Do share!

Enjoy! AndreaDawn


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