#FreebieFriday, Christmas Wishlist!

Halloween was here and gone… so bring on the Christmas count down (I may be just a little excited)! This week the kids (more so the biggest little) has been working on Christmas Wish Lists and I wanted to share our Wish List template as a printable for you!

Download Here!

You will need a free Dropbox account to download the file! If you don’t have an account, please use my referral link to sign up (and in doing so it will provide me with more storage space on my account for more freebies!). https://db.tt/CBoERzIS

Here’s Miss L and her “wish list”… well this was her fun one, Mom & Dad may have helped her to make one more wish list 😉

Christmas Printable
Miss L’s Christmas List


Here’s a fun alternative options for the kids to complete their lists:

This past week we have been getting flyers, books, etc. from Chapters, Walmart, Toys R Us, and more featuring the latest Christmas toys! So we took these books laid them out on the table and started cutting! Miss L was tasked with cutting one thing for each category and then we went back and cut a few more. Once everything was cut out she took to the glue stick and voila… a handmade christmas list!

Christmas List Craft
Miss L’s Handmade Christmas List Craft

What’s on your little’s Christmas list this year?

Enjoy! AndreaDawn


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