Snowmen Finger Painting for Kids DIY How To
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Good Day for a Snow Day!

Well the snow has finally stopped so it seemed only fitting to take a family “snow day” and enjoy the first snowfall!

Our recipe for a family snow day = movies in bed with our hot coco, arts and crafts, a little baking, a few snowball fights and snow angels, and lastly some warm tasty comfort food.

Here’s a little DIY step-by-step on one of our crafts we finished today….  Finger Print Snowmen Painting



  • Canvas (we found these great little rectangular canvases at Michaels, but paper would suffice too!)
  • White & Colored Paint
  • Black Sharpie
  • Paint Brushes


Now this part is simple; first we started with painting our canvas a solid color (Miss L. chose a deep blue). Once this dries… for the next step (the fun part, for the kids!) we took the white paint and painted the length of our fingers, from the palm to the finger tip and one or two fingers at a time placed them on the canvas to make the print. We repeated this across the bottom of the canvas, you can see we got a little to excited on a few and smudged our prints but we just worked with it! Once it was all dried we added some little scarves and noses and then used a sharpie for the eyes and buttons.

And voila… some adorable little snowmen to add to your seasonal decor! Snowman Kids Painting Craft


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