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December 1st: Welcome Back Elf! {Mini-Party}

December 1st is here and as many of you parents know that means the return of the Elf on the Shelf! Our daughter wasn’t really into it last year as she was a little young and didn’t fully understand the concept, but this year she is all about Christmas and Santa so I think our Elf will be a hit this year!

So to kick off the beginning of December and return of Frank, what better reason then to throw a mini-party! (and yes our elf on the shelf is named Frank, that’s what happens when the Hubby and Miss L work out the name!)

This mini-party welcoming the arrival of Elf was just that, mini! Prepared with all stuff found around the house, few assorted pieces left over from other parties that fit our red/green color scheme, and a little rearranging of Christmas decorations! And what mini-party isn’t complete without a craft? Seemed fitting that we do our letters to Santa, so I grabbed an assortment of stickers, markers, pens and printed off this free printable I found on Pinterest, threw it all in a tin, and voila an easy Letters to Santa craft!  Kids Party for Elf in Shelf

How do you welcome back your Elf?

Enjoy! AndreaDawn

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