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DIY: Etched Glassware in less than 10 steps!

Christmas is right around the corner (and as you may have already noticed I can’t wait) and we have been busy getting our craft on! This weekend we kept busy with a few different projects, most I can’t mention to avoid ruining the surprise for those on the receiving end, but once the kidlets went down I thought I would play around with some etching…. So here find my tips and tricks for etching glassware!


  • Choice of Glassware (wine glasses, tumblers, or my choice tonight was a large dessert bowl)
  • Etching Creme (my choice brand: Martha Stewart from Micheals)
  • Green Painters Tape
  • Standard Vinyl (this is where I use up my scraps!)
  • Silhouette Cameo (or similar cutting machine, or hand cut if you are feeling adventurous 😉 )

Now maybe you noticed (or maybe you didn’t) that I did not have transfer paper for the vinyl listed above? That was no error, painters tape = awesome (and cheaper) alternative to transfer paper for small projects! Skeptical? I was too… but I kept seeing it mentioned here and there and had to try it… and it is awesome!! But back on track, here’s the step-by-step… 


  1. Cut your vinyl (mine was a simple “enjoy” text)
  2. Once your vinyl is cut and weeded,  place strips of the painters tape across the vinyl, starting slightly above the cut section and continue until covered til just below bottom of design
  3. Once everything is covered run over the whole design to ensure it’s all stuck nice and good, can be with your hand, vinyl squeegee, credit card or whatever works
  4. Now peel off the backing, line it up and stick it on your glass ware. I like to work from one side to the other on flat surfaces or the middle outwards on curved glassware
  5. Then one by one peel off the painters tape in reverse order, starting from for last pieces put on to the first pieces
  6. Voila, ready for etching!
  7. Liberally apply your etching creme, I like to use a small brush and dab the creme on the design
  8. Let it sit as required, for mine that was 15 mins
  9. Lastly, wash the etching creme off, peel the vinyl off, and it’s done!

And here’s a picture version of the steps….

Silhouette Cameo Vinyl StencilSilhouette Vinyl Stencil Silhouette Cameo Project DIY

What a fun and easy craft, now I just need to stop myself from etching all the glassware in the house!

Share your pictures in the comments of your etching projects!
    Enjoy, AndreaDawn!

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