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DIY: Easy Canvas Painting for Toddlers (all you need is paint & painters tape!)

Christmas has past, which means I am now safe to share our Christmas craft projects without fear of ruining any Christmas gift suprises! This was by far one of my favorite Christmas projects this year and was super easy to prep and offered lots of entertainment for the little one! Using the painters tape as a “stencil” is very versatile… you can go with geometric lines and shapes, mountain landscape like we did, create text and more; the possibilities really are endless with this one!

The Materials:

  • Canvas (we used a set of three from Micheals, but just one or any other substrate/paper would work!)
  • Paints & Brushes
  • Painters Tape

The Steps:

  1. (Optional) apply a quick base coat layer to your canvas; I did a quick coat of white paint across the canvases
  2. When dry, lay out the canvas and tape out a pattern.
  3. Let the little one(s) go at it painting away, covering the entire canvas with paint.
  4. Once dry, remove painters tape and canvas is good for hanging (or gifting!)

Here’s Miss L’s photo step-by-step… Kids Canvas Painting DIY with Painters Tape


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