Silhouette Mint & Heidi Swapp Minc UnBoxing
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UnBoxing: Silhouette Mint & Heidi Swapp Minc!

Oh how spoiled I was this past Christmas; a Heidi Swapp Minc AND a Silhouette Mint! So let’s get right to it (as I’m only about a month behind on getting this posted! oops!), starting with the Minc…

Un-Boxing: Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator UnBoxing Heidi Swapp Minc

Box Contents:
  • Minc Machine
  • Power & USB Cords
  • Gold Foil Sheets
  • Envelope
  • Sample Gift Tags

UnBoxing Heidi Swapp Minc

Un-Boxing: Silhouette Mint Stamp Machine

This one was a Christmas gift from myself, to myself that I snagged when the Black Friday deals were on!  UnBoxing Silhouette America Mint

Box Contents:
  • Mint Machine
  • Power & USB Cords
  • Four Inks (Red, Blue, Yellow & Black)
  • 30mm x 30mm Stamp Kit
  • 15mm x 60mm Stamp Kit
  • Club Silhouette One Month Trial Card

Unboxing Silhouette America Mint
Now you’ll know where to find me these next few weeks… at my craft desk playing with my new toys 😉

Enjoy! AndreaDawn


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