DIY Spray Painted Milk Vases & Mason Jars Vases
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DIY Tutorial: Chalkboard Spray Painted Mason Jars & Vases



It really is quite simple…

First, lay out some newspaper, a drop cloth or anything of the sort to protect your work area.

Second, scrub and clean your Mason jars, vases, etc. and dry thoroughly.

And lastly, spray the jars! Multiple thin coats work best, allowing each coat to dry in-between. Ensure you keep your spray can about 6″ away from the vases and use a sweeping motion to cover the vases. Don’t go to thick or hold in one spot for to long to avoid drips.

DIY Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars & Vases Tutorials

A few variations…

  1. Once the jars are completely painted and dried I used some sandpaper to scuff it up a little to give more of a vintage look.
  2. On a few of the vases I knew that I would not use the “chalkboard” capabilities of the spray paint so I applied a quick spray of a glossy clear coat to add a little shine.
  3. Use the same approach with other types/colors of spray paint to add a little color or use some painters tape to mix and match multiple layers of different colors!

DIY Spray Painted Mason Jars & Vases


Now how quick an easy was that?!

Enjoy! AndreaDawn


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