Crafting + Mug Cakes, The Perfect Combination!

Kids are in bed (without a fuss – bonus!) so I took a little “me time” with a little crafting and a warm mug cake; the perfect combination! I may have a little bit of an addiction with mug cakes (well crafting too, but that’s beside the point), so I just had to share with you my current favourite: Snickerdoodle Mug Cake! And it is just sooo quick and easy!

So check it out and try it for yourself, I guarantee you will not be disappointed: Click Here for Full Recipe by Five Heart Home!Snickerdoodle Mug Cake Recipe 1 Minute Microwave by Five Heart Home

My only recipe tip: make it after the kids are in bed, trust me you will not want to share! 😉

Crafting & Mug Cakes, Perfect Evening


What’s your go-to when you have a chance for a little me time?

Enjoy! AndreaDawn


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