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Glow Stick Light Saber DIY

This past week has been busy, busy between trying to get unpacked and organized from our month down in Palm Springs and trying to get all ready for a little girl’s FOURTH birthday! I know it’s crazy to even think that – FOUR years already?!

You might be able to guess the party theme already from the title but I don’t want to spoil too much yet (reveal post to come!) but I just had to share this quick, easy and fun DIY…

DIY Glow Stick Light Saber

  • Glow Sticks, Duct Tape, and a Sharpie!

Now this is the easy part…

  1. Rip off a piece of duct tape (I did about an 1″ long, so it went around a few times)
  2. Wrap around one end of the glow stick – careful don’t crack it!
  3. Take the sharpie to draw a few lines on it.

And Voila.. you have yourself some Glow Stick Light Sabers!

DIY Glow Stick Light Sabers Light Saber Glow Stick DIY


Enjoy! & Stay tuned for the full PARTY reveal post….



Light Saber Glow Stick DIY



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