DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden
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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Spring is here, so what better time than now to set up our little herb garden I have been talking about doing for way to long! I just wanted something simple, easy, some-what compact, yet still “cute” looking too, and easily movable to float around the kitchen, whether it be on the island, hutch, or anywhere between.

So Miss L and I set out on the hunt for just the right thing, and five stores later we were still empty-handed… So giving up a little, I figured I’ll just grab some mason jars, throw some soil in it, plant the seeds and call it a herb garden. One last quick look through Canadian tire, heading straight to the mason jars to grab a pack, we came across  this neat canning rack (which I’m sure is nothing new to many) and thus leading us here… our DIY mason jar herb garden!

It really has to be about the simplest DIY out there… we grabbed the canning rack, a case of mason jars (just because I wanted to splurge on the green tinged ones instead of the plain ones I have a million of at home, don’t tell the hubby 😉 ), some soil and Miss L picked out the herb seeds (with momma’s help!).

DIY Herb Garden Materials: Mason Jar, Canning Rack, Twine
Once we got home we set up the rack with the empty jars to get a feel for it, added some twine tied around the outside to keep everything together and add some support. I ended applying a quick coat of some matte black spray paint I had around the house to the silver rack, and voila it was ready for herbs!

As the little one filled the jars with soil, I made up some little labels for the jars using some cute little chalkboard signs I picked up forever ago at Micheals and a chalkboard marker!

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden
DIY Herb Garden with Mason Jars

Lastly, we assembled everything back together, mason jars planted and ready, and voila! Our own little herb garden!  DIY Herb Garden Mason Jars  


  • 6 – 7 Mason Jars
  • Canning Jar Rack (I found this one at Canadian Tire)
  • Twine, String, Ribbon or anything of the sort
  • Soil
  • Herb Seeds
  • Chalkboard Signs
  • Chalkboard Marker


Happy Sunday! AndreaDawn

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