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DIY Cake & Sweets Stand

I always wanted one of those cute little cake stands for on my kitchen to hold sweets, deserts and other treats (or even those breakfast treats!) like you see in all those fancy kitchens featured in the home magazine, but I have never been able to find one that (a) I loved or (b) I loved enough for the price! So when I was looking for a project to do this past week, I thought this would be the perfect one and off Miss L and I went on the hunt for supplies…

First stop was the dollar store, where we found some cute platters and a few candle stick holders. With the warm spring weather garage sales have been popping up everywhere, so we hunted through a few around our neighbourhood and found a few more trays and candle sticks. All of that, along with a few more pieces we found in the “dreaded unpacked boxes” at home (yes we have been here about a year now, and sadly yes we still have a few boxes not yet unpacked which have been on the to-do list for far to long), a few cans of spray paint and paint we had left over from other projects, the glue gun and we were ready to go!

DIY How To make a cake stand spray paint

Once we gathered all the supplies we played around with pairings, we decided on making a few stands to use elsewhere in home and I knew they would get used in the future for birthdays and other parties. Once we had the pairings done, Miss L helped me mix up some paint. We ended up painting half of them and spray painting the other half … if I were to do it again I would say I prefer the spray paint method, because (a) I just simply enjoy spray painting anything and everything (just ask the hubby 😉 ), and (b) it was just that much quicker and gave a smooth finish.

DIY Candlestick Cake Stand How ToWe painted and sprayed all our pieces, using multiple quick light coats to get a clean finish. Once all was dry, we brought out the glue gun and attached all the pieces. In hindsight, you probably could have attached all our pieces first and then painted or sprayed. Once everything was attached we applied a food-safe glossy top coat to the entire stand. And voila, there we have it! Now to go bake some sweet treats….

DIY Cake/Sweets Stand Donuts Tiffany Blue Edmonton Alberta Canada

Enjoy! AndreaDawn



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