Nom Nom Nom, A Cookie Monster First Birthday

Hard to believe a year has come and gone already, but what better way to turn one then surrounded by friends, family, and lots of cookies!

If you haven’t figured it out already, Cookie Monster was the theme for this party and, as the little man loves his pancakes, I planned the celebration for late-morning to serve a delicious, kid-friendly brunch menu! From mini-pancakes and cinnamon buns, to DIY yogurt parfait and a cereal bar. Then to top it off, some frootloop marshmallow treats, blue jello, cupcakes, cake and, of course, lots of cookies (and milk!)!

Cookie Monster First Birthday Brunch

#PartyTip – DIY Yogurt Parfaits are a great alternative to assembling individual parfaits… Not only can guests pick and choose their toppings, but leftovers are easy to pack up and re-use without a fridge full of parfaits! 😉

The cereal bar was a hit, not only by the kids but for the “big kids” too, and you want to talk about something easy with minimal work… just grab a few jars, fill with cereal, add bowls, spoons and milk, and voila, done and ready! The cupcakes were just adorable, with the mix of mini cookie monsters with cookies and chocolate chip cookie topping. Then the cake…. one of my favorite, and most delicious, parts…. the chocolate cake, done up like Cookie Monster, had the most delicious layer of cookie dough filling!

The prep for the big day was lots of fun, between the “Nom Nom Nom”, “One” and other banners, Cookie Monster figurines, milk crates, and cookie Continue reading “Nom Nom Nom, A Cookie Monster First Birthday”


December 1st: Welcome Back Elf! {Mini-Party}

December 1st is here and as many of you parents know that means the return of the Elf on the Shelf! Our daughter wasn’t really into it last year as she was a little young and didn’t fully understand the concept, but this year she is all about Christmas and Santa so I think our Elf will be a hit this year!

So to kick off the beginning of December and return of Frank, what better reason then to throw a mini-party! (and yes our elf on the shelf is named Frank, that’s what happens when the Hubby and Miss L work out the name!)

This mini-party welcoming the arrival of Elf was just that, mini! Prepared with all stuff found around the house, few assorted pieces left over from other parties that fit our red/green color scheme, and a little rearranging of Christmas decorations! And what mini-party isn’t complete without a craft? Seemed fitting that we do our letters to Santa, so I grabbed an assortment of stickers, markers, pens and printed off this free printable I found on Pinterest, threw it all in a tin, and voila an easy Letters to Santa craft!  Kids Party for Elf in Shelf

How do you welcome back your Elf?

Enjoy! AndreaDawn

#FreebieFriday, Christmas Wishlist!

Halloween was here and gone… so bring on the Christmas count down (I may be just a little excited)! This week the kids (more so the biggest little) has been working on Christmas Wish Lists and I wanted to share our Wish List template as a printable for you!

Download Here!

You will need a free Dropbox account to download the file! If you don’t have an account, please use my referral link to sign up (and in doing so it will provide me with more storage space on my account for more freebies!).

Here’s Miss L and her “wish list”… well this was her fun one, Mom & Dad may have helped her to make one more wish list 😉 Continue reading “#FreebieFriday, Christmas Wishlist!”

{DIY} Baby HULK Costume

Here find my attempt at a DIY Infant HULK Costume, and it looked pretty damn cute (or at least I thought so!)….


  • Green long-sleeved onesie (shirt would suffice as well)
  • Green pants/leggings
  • Purple pants/leggings
  • White T-Shirt (optional – I have seen many do without the shirt and just have the green upper body <- that was our back-up plan)

Continue reading “{DIY} Baby HULK Costume”


Been a little quiet on here, but not around our house….. our September arrival had other plans for us and made his debut early last month! As things start to “settle” around the house and routines are re-established, I have finally made the time to get back to crafting and hopefully blogging too! Fall projects coming at you soon (and hopefully before the winter/holiday projects that I have planned!)…..

The Art of Wrapping… With Kids!

We tried something new this year with our presents, and personally I think it was my best idea yet….. and Miss L was happy to get to add her touch!

Our Four Steps to Christmas Present Wrapping:
1. Mom Wraps Gifts 
   (in brown paper)
2. Miss L Stamps with Christmas Stamps
   (while mom is wrapping the next one)
3. Pick Out Bow / Label and Apply
4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3!

Miss L is kept busy with stamping while I can keep busy wrapping and not worry about little fingers wanting to handle the tape and scissors!

Merry Christmas!

Wrapping with Kids Wrapping with Kids

Sock Monkey Birthday

This past weekend was our beautiful little niece’s first birthday and I was honoured that my sister-in-law asked me to help with the decorations. This is one of the cutest party themes for little ones out there (at least in my opinion) and with her great ideas, it turned out absolutely amazing!

Here are a few pictures from the party; including a birthday banner, fortune cupcake wrapper, tent card …. and the popcorn cones were a hit! My personal favourite was the ‘I am One‘ banner and the tags on the old fashioned milk jugs for the milk and cookies!