{DIY} Confetti Gender Reveal Poppers

As May wraps up (or more so flew by!) we kept busy between life, work, a third birthday, and lots of travelling for the hubby! And in between the gaps a few fun projects, such as this gender reveal party package…

{Gender Reveal}

This one was fun; between decorating the box and testing out the confetti push pops! These were a first for me, so below is a little “how to” on how we got them to work (kind of a mix between all the tutorial out there online!). The Team Pink and Team Blue cup labels are a great idea for partygoers to choose there “side”!

Now for the fun part… confetti gender reveal DIY steps for you! Continue reading “{DIY} Confetti Gender Reveal Poppers”


A Safari First Birthday & Elegant Baby&Co Shower

The new year has been busy busy and mother nature is teasing us with a few days of spring here and there between the snow and cold! Here are a few recent projects I was working on to kick the year off…

A Safari First Birthday

Baby&Co Baby Shower

By far one of my new favourite baby shower themes; too cute!