Father’s Day: A Toddlers Guide to Handmade Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner (next Sunday to be exact) and Miss L has been a busy helper scrolling through pin after pin on Pinterst with me and hand picking her ‘toddler approved’ gifts for Dad! Now we better get to it, as it really is just a week away! But don’t worry all these ideas are quick, easy and you should be able to find most of the materials around the home, because if you are anything like me, I am sure we’ll be pushing these out up until the day before!

So here it is, your toddler-approved, top 10 list of handmade gifts for Dad for this Fathers Day… Continue reading “Father’s Day: A Toddlers Guide to Handmade Gifts”


Glow Stick Light Saber DIY

This past week has been busy, busy between trying to get unpacked and organized from our month down in Palm Springs and trying to get all ready for a little girl’s FOURTH birthday! I know it’s crazy to even think that – FOUR years already?!

You might be able to guess the party theme already from the title but I don’t want to spoil too much yet (reveal post to come!) but I just had to share this quick, easy and fun DIY… Continue reading “Glow Stick Light Saber DIY”

Valentine’s Day Crafts, Cards & Easy DIY Tutorials!

Little Miss L was pretty excited to head out this morning, as today was finally Friday! Which means she finally gets to take her Valentines to school to share with all her little friends! Ever since her daddy-daughter date to see the new Star Wars this little girl has been all about Star Wars, so seemed only fitting we craft up some Star Wars Valentines cards…

DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies for Kids

DIY Light Saber Candies

The Materials:DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies Craft for Kids

  •  black construction paper, colored construction paper, scotch tape, duck tape and a round wrapped candy (rockets or love hearts work great!)

The How To:

  1. First get all your materials cut… starting with the black paper you need to cut it tall enough to cover the candy wrapper and wide enough to wrap around with slight overlap (in our case this was 2″ x 2.5″). Once the black is cut, cut the colored paper to the same size as well.
  2. First wrap the candy in the black paper
  3. Then wrap the colored paper at the top (just the width of your scotch tape overlapping onto the black). Optional add a little piece of tape to the top of the colored paper to hold the cylinder shape.
  4. Add a strip of duck tape or any silver tape over the seam of the black and colored paper

Here’s a photo step-by-step: DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies Kids Craft
And voila! Light Saber Candies!

Once these were done, I printed off this awesome free printable, cut and attached with ribbon, and had the little one sign them all (which also doubled as great practice for writing her name!).

DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies & Free Printable Card for Kids

Here’s where we found that awesome (and free) printable: Over The Big Moon

What do you (or are you) crafting up with your little one for Valentines Day??       💕Enjoy💕 AndreaDawn

Valentines Day Crafts with Toddlers, DIY & Tutorial!

Happy Sunday! Valentines Day is just around the corner (okay maybe it’s three weeks away, but close enough!) and the Hubby is out-of-town so the perfect excuse for a weekend of Valentines crafts and movies!

First we made that cute pendant banner and it was super easy to throw together! All you need is some twine or ribbon, clothespins and some card stock. I cut out these simple pendants on my Silhouette Cameo and voila, a quick and easy piece to add to our mantle! Add some vases we had around the house and a cute craft Miss L completed, and it was perfect.

 Valentines Day Painting Toddler Craft DIY TutorialFun & Easy Toddler Craft: Heart painting


  • Two Pieces of White Cardstock (8″ x 10″ or appropriate size for your frame!)
  • Finger Paints (we used pinks, reds and purples)
  • Picture Frame
  • Silhouette & Computer


Now this is the easy part… Continue reading “Valentines Day Crafts with Toddlers, DIY & Tutorial!”

Easy & Fun Christmas ‘Paper Plate’ Crafts for Toddlers & Kids

Happy Friday and start to the second last weekend before Christmas! (I know I can’t believe it!) To kick of the weekend I thought I would share a few of our favourite easy and fun Christmas Crafts, kid tested and approved by my 3 year old!

So grab your paper plates and any extra crafty supplies you have around and enjoy! Here are our favourite paper plate crafts from a few of my favorite crafty blogs, click the photos to link to the source for full details and ‘how to’ tutorials…  Continue reading “Easy & Fun Christmas ‘Paper Plate’ Crafts for Toddlers & Kids”