Dear Santa… Christmas Wish Lists Family Night [with Free Printable!]

Can you believe that December is already here?! Christmas is going to be here before we know it! Life just seems to be flying by lately so the other night the brakes were put on, press pause on life as it be, and a slowed-down quality family night came to be. Bring out the holiday catalogs, some stickers, papers, scissors, glue sticks and a few cups of hot cocoa and we had ourselves a family Christmas List evening…

Christmas Wish Gift List for Kids Free Printable    Christmas Gift Wish List Santa Free Printable

Miss L was super excited about her list this year after Continue reading “Dear Santa… Christmas Wish Lists Family Night [with Free Printable!]”


Father’s Day: A Toddlers Guide to Handmade Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner (next Sunday to be exact) and Miss L has been a busy helper scrolling through pin after pin on Pinterst with me and hand picking her ‘toddler approved’ gifts for Dad! Now we better get to it, as it really is just a week away! But don’t worry all these ideas are quick, easy and you should be able to find most of the materials around the home, because if you are anything like me, I am sure we’ll be pushing these out up until the day before!

So here it is, your toddler-approved, top 10 list of handmade gifts for Dad for this Fathers Day… Continue reading “Father’s Day: A Toddlers Guide to Handmade Gifts”

Hello Darlings! A Perfect Breakfast at Tiffanys Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are already so exciting and fun, but add in the element of surprise and you’ve entered a whole new level of excitement! Like seriously, if you are planning a bridal shower in the near future make it a surprise shower, it does take a little more work but you will not be disappointed!

Breakfast at Tiffanys Bridal Shower Ivitations Champagne Brunch Invite

Planning this Breakfast at Tiffanys themed Bridal Shower for my future-sister-in-law, alongside her bridesmaids, was just too much fun! We went for a Champagne Brunch style with a mimosa bar, brunch themed food, and Continue reading “Hello Darlings! A Perfect Breakfast at Tiffanys Bridal Shower”

DIY Cake & Sweets Stand

I always wanted one of those cute little cake stands for on my kitchen to hold sweets, deserts and other treats (or even those breakfast treats!) like you see in all those fancy kitchens featured in the home magazine, but I have never been able to find one that (a) I loved or (b) I loved enough for the price! So when I was looking for a project to do this past week, I thought this would be the perfect one and off Miss L and I went on the hunt for supplies…

First stop was the dollar store, where we found some cute platters and a few candle stick holders. With the warm spring weather garage sales have been popping up everywhere, so we hunted through a few around our neighbourhood and found a few more trays and candle sticks. All of that, along with a few more pieces we found in the “dreaded unpacked boxes” at home (yes we have been here about a year now, and sadly yes we still have a few boxes not yet unpacked which have been on the to-do list for far to long), a few cans of spray paint and paint we had left over from other projects, the glue gun and we were ready to go! Continue reading “DIY Cake & Sweets Stand”

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Spring is here, so what better time than now to set up our little herb garden I have been talking about doing for way to long! I just wanted something simple, easy, some-what compact, yet still “cute” looking too, and easily movable to float around the kitchen, whether it be on the island, hutch, or anywhere between.

So Miss L and I set out on the hunt for just the right thing, and five stores later we were still empty-handed… So giving up a little, I figured I’ll just grab some mason jars, throw some soil in it, plant the seeds and call it a herb garden. One last quick look through Canadian tire, heading straight to the mason jars to grab a pack, we came across  this neat canning rack (which I’m sure is nothing new to many) and thus leading us here… our DIY mason jar herb garden!

It really has to be about the simplest DIY out there… we grabbed the Continue reading “DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden”

Glow Stick Light Saber DIY

This past week has been busy, busy between trying to get unpacked and organized from our month down in Palm Springs and trying to get all ready for a little girl’s FOURTH birthday! I know it’s crazy to even think that – FOUR years already?!

You might be able to guess the party theme already from the title but I don’t want to spoil too much yet (reveal post to come!) but I just had to share this quick, easy and fun DIY… Continue reading “Glow Stick Light Saber DIY”

Easter Ideas for Toddlers & Kids – Top 10 Activities, Crafts & Treats

Saint Patrick’s Day has been and gone and Easter is just around the corner! Are you ready?!

Here are ten of my favorite Pinterest Easter finds for toddlers and kids – activities, crafts and treats – and of course all “kid-approved” by Miss L. herself!

10.Painting with Continue reading “Easter Ideas for Toddlers & Kids – Top 10 Activities, Crafts & Treats”

10 Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas for Toddlers & Kids!

Less than ten days away, so here we our top 10 St. Patrick’s Day ideas hand picked from a few of my favorite blogs and Pinterest accounts, and approved by little Miss L herself! ‘Cause really who better to approve St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for kids then our little ‘almost four year old’!


  1. Leprechaun Fork Paintings | Crafty Morning Continue reading “10 Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas for Toddlers & Kids!”

{DIY} Baby HULK Costume

Here find my attempt at a DIY Infant HULK Costume, and it looked pretty damn cute (or at least I thought so!)….


  • Green long-sleeved onesie (shirt would suffice as well)
  • Green pants/leggings
  • Purple pants/leggings
  • White T-Shirt (optional – I have seen many do without the shirt and just have the green upper body <- that was our back-up plan)

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The Art of Wrapping… With Kids!

We tried something new this year with our presents, and personally I think it was my best idea yet….. and Miss L was happy to get to add her touch!

Our Four Steps to Christmas Present Wrapping:
1. Mom Wraps Gifts 
   (in brown paper)
2. Miss L Stamps with Christmas Stamps
   (while mom is wrapping the next one)
3. Pick Out Bow / Label and Apply
4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3!

Miss L is kept busy with stamping while I can keep busy wrapping and not worry about little fingers wanting to handle the tape and scissors!

Merry Christmas!

Wrapping with Kids Wrapping with Kids