Dear Santa… Christmas Wish Lists Family Night [with Free Printable!]

Can you believe that December is already here?! Christmas is going to be here before we know it! Life just seems to be flying by lately so the other night the brakes were put on, press pause on life as it be, and a slowed-down quality family night came to be. Bring out the holiday catalogs, some stickers, papers, scissors, glue sticks and a few cups of hot cocoa and we had ourselves a family Christmas List evening…

Christmas Wish Gift List for Kids Free Printable    Christmas Gift Wish List Santa Free Printable

Miss L was super excited about her list this year after Continue reading “Dear Santa… Christmas Wish Lists Family Night [with Free Printable!]”


Valentine’s Day Crafts, Cards & Easy DIY Tutorials!

Little Miss L was pretty excited to head out this morning, as today was finally Friday! Which means she finally gets to take her Valentines to school to share with all her little friends! Ever since her daddy-daughter date to see the new Star Wars this little girl has been all about Star Wars, so seemed only fitting we craft up some Star Wars Valentines cards…

DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies for Kids

DIY Light Saber Candies

The Materials:DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies Craft for Kids

  •  black construction paper, colored construction paper, scotch tape, duck tape and a round wrapped candy (rockets or love hearts work great!)

The How To:

  1. First get all your materials cut… starting with the black paper you need to cut it tall enough to cover the candy wrapper and wide enough to wrap around with slight overlap (in our case this was 2″ x 2.5″). Once the black is cut, cut the colored paper to the same size as well.
  2. First wrap the candy in the black paper
  3. Then wrap the colored paper at the top (just the width of your scotch tape overlapping onto the black). Optional add a little piece of tape to the top of the colored paper to hold the cylinder shape.
  4. Add a strip of duck tape or any silver tape over the seam of the black and colored paper

Here’s a photo step-by-step: DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies Kids Craft
And voila! Light Saber Candies!

Once these were done, I printed off this awesome free printable, cut and attached with ribbon, and had the little one sign them all (which also doubled as great practice for writing her name!).

DIY Valentine Light Saber Candies & Free Printable Card for Kids

Here’s where we found that awesome (and free) printable: Over The Big Moon

What do you (or are you) crafting up with your little one for Valentines Day??       💕Enjoy💕 AndreaDawn

DIY Disney Vacay 30-Day Countdown + Double #FreebieFriday Printable & Silhouette Mint Stamp File!

Our Disney Vacay is coming up and we could not be more excited! Miss L asks everyday if today is the day we go see Mickey Mouse, so figure it’s time to get a countdown going to keep her excited yet not get her hopes up everyday when we tell her it’s not time to go to Disney yet!

So here’s our DIY Disney Countdown… Continue reading “DIY Disney Vacay 30-Day Countdown + Double #FreebieFriday Printable & Silhouette Mint Stamp File!”

Movie Night in a Tin DIY & #FreebieFriday Print File!

Happy Friday or maybe a TGIF is in order! Gift baskets are one of my favorite gifts; they can be made to suit any occasion and so easy to add a little personal touch to it… from kitchen items for a bridal shower, a bath basket for baby showers, and our latest creation: movie night baskets!

Movie Night in a Tin Movie Night in a Tin DIY Gift Basket

  • “Movie Theatre” microwave popcorn (or could put a jar of popped Carmel or kettle corn)
  • Some movie theatre candies! We did a mix of skittles, twisters and fuzzy peaches
  • Can or two of Coca Cola
  • Gift card for movie rental (I did iTunes gift cards as I knew all the recipients had either Apple TV or apple products so they could do a rental on their tv, but could also do google play, redbox or any other gift card or even just throw a movie or two in it!)

Then just package it all up in a popcorn bowl, basket or, like I did, in a tin! I also found some awesome Continue reading “Movie Night in a Tin DIY & #FreebieFriday Print File!”