Movie Night in a Tin DIY & #FreebieFriday Print File!

Happy Friday or maybe a TGIF is in order! Gift baskets are one of my favorite gifts; they can be made to suit any occasion and so easy to add a little personal touch to it… from kitchen items for a bridal shower, a bath basket for baby showers, and our latest creation: movie night baskets!

Movie Night in a Tin Movie Night in a Tin DIY Gift Basket

  • “Movie Theatre” microwave popcorn (or could put a jar of popped Carmel or kettle corn)
  • Some movie theatre candies! We did a mix of skittles, twisters and fuzzy peaches
  • Can or two of Coca Cola
  • Gift card for movie rental (I did iTunes gift cards as I knew all the recipients had either Apple TV or apple products so they could do a rental on their tv, but could also do google play, redbox or any other gift card or even just throw a movie or two in it!)

Then just package it all up in a popcorn bowl, basket or, like I did, in a tin! I also found some awesome Continue reading “Movie Night in a Tin DIY & #FreebieFriday Print File!”


DIY: Etched Glassware in less than 10 steps!

Christmas is right around the corner (and as you may have already noticed I can’t wait) and we have been busy getting our craft on! This weekend we kept busy with a few different projects, most I can’t mention to avoid ruining the surprise for those on the receiving end, but once the kidlets went down I thought I would play around with some etching…. So here find my tips and tricks for etching glassware!


  • Choice of Glassware (wine glasses, tumblers, or my choice tonight was a large dessert bowl)
  • Etching Creme (my choice brand: Martha Stewart from Micheals)
  • Green Painters Tape
  • Standard Vinyl (this is where I use up my scraps!)
  • Silhouette Cameo (or similar cutting machine, or hand cut if you are feeling adventurous 😉 )

Now maybe you noticed (or maybe you didn’t) that I did not have transfer paper for the vinyl listed above? That was no error, painters tape = awesome (and cheaper) alternative to transfer paper for small projects! Skeptical? I was too… but I kept seeing it mentioned here and there and had to try it… and it is awesome!! But back on track, here’s the step-by-step…  Continue reading “DIY: Etched Glassware in less than 10 steps!”