DIY Glow Stick Star Wars Light Sabers for Kids
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Glow Stick Light Saber DIY

This past week has been busy, busy between trying to get unpacked and organized from our month down in Palm Springs and trying to get all ready for a little girl's FOURTH birthday! I know it's crazy to even think that - FOUR years already?! You might be able to guess the party theme already… Continue reading Glow Stick Light Saber DIY

DIY How-To Light Saber Star Wars Valentines Candies
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Valentine’s Day Crafts, Cards & Easy DIY Tutorials!

Little Miss L was pretty excited to head out this morning, as today was finally Friday! Which means she finally gets to take her Valentines to school to share with all her little friends! Ever since her daddy-daughter date to see the new Star Wars this little girl has been all about Star Wars, so… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Crafts, Cards & Easy DIY Tutorials!