It’s… The Final Countdown!

Oh and I hope while reading that title you sung it out in your head, you know “It’s THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! The Final Countdown! Oh, It’s…”. Now good luck getting that out of your head for the next week…

But more to the point of my post! It’s not every day I get to support (A) my hubby and (B) a great cause all in one go, but first a little back story… So it all started a little over a year ago, reading the local news and saw a headline about a marathon event happening in Edmonton in support of the local Children’s Hospital (Stollery) and as the Stollery is very near and dear to our heart this instantly peaked my interested to read more. As I read I found this out to be an annual 25-hr gaming marathon in support of Children’s Hospitals across North America through a fundraising group called Extra Life, and specifically the YEG Extra Life and their marathon event supporting the Stollery Children’s Hospital here in Edmonton. I barely finished the article before running to Dustin saying, how are you not a part of this?! How do you not know about this?! I don’t think there is anything that has more you written all over this than this!!

Since then the hubby, an avid gamer (as I am sure many reading this already know!), has been counting down the days for months now; registering, fundraising, planning his ‘set-up’, his game schedule, and all those other gamer related things that I nod my head along to in anticipation of his first, of many more, events. Well this Saturday is the day – at 12 o’clock sharp on November 5th the 24-hr gaming marathon kicks off in the middle of West Edmonton Mall!

So now where do I come into play here? Continue reading “It’s… The Final Countdown!”


A Lake Wedding

One of the highlights of my summer…. the wedding at the lake, specifically my Uncle (and now officially) new Auntie’s wedding. It was a small gathering of friends and family, simple, low-key, and absolutely perfect!

Here’s a few of the pieces I put together… some banners, a few designs for guest book page and directional signage, and what not. I also had a chance to try something new with my Silhouette Came: heat transfer vinyl and made some Amigo pocket squares and loved how they turned out (definitely expect more htv projects in the near future). But my favourite part: Cupcakes in a Jar! I can only take credit for the labels and pushing the idea, but it turned out awesome (and delicious!). Which leads me to this… Continue reading “A Lake Wedding”

A Safari First Birthday & Elegant Baby&Co Shower

The new year has been busy busy and mother nature is teasing us with a few days of spring here and there between the snow and cold! Here are a few recent projects I was working on to kick the year off…

A Safari First Birthday

Baby&Co Baby Shower

By far one of my new favourite baby shower themes; too cute!

{New Project} Canvas DIY Subway Art

I am always looking for new things to try with my Silhouette Cameo and a quick search came across many, many, many tutorials! I took a little bit from each tutorial and the result was even better then I expected!

The key I found was once you have the vinyl letter placed on the canvas, apply a layer of modge podge to ensure the paint does not bleed and keep those clean, crisp lines! In no way was the end product perfect, but for the first try I was quite proud of myself. And eh, I don’t want it to look like I bought it off some department store shelf, it should look like I made it (at least that is what I keep telling myself!).

{How To} It was really quite simple… First, cut out wording on the Silhouette Cameo. Second, using transfer paper apply the wording on to the canvas. Third, apply a layer of modge podge and let dry overnight. Fourth, paint over entire canvas (using a small roller I found worked best).. a few coats may be required. Fifth, peel off the vinyl and voila!

And here’s a fun DIY version for the kids… Continue reading “{New Project} Canvas DIY Subway Art”